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100 Cups with Jason Elkins
Jason Elkins

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About Jason

Jason Elkins is a relationship based sales and marketing authority, who helps leaders and businesses utilize social media and digital marketing to grow their audiences and revenue.

Jason founded 100 Cups Academy - his training program on how to grow business in a sustainable and peaceful way through developing authentic business relationships. 

This program helps introverts and extroverts and has been adopted by non-profits, for profit companies, bankers, consultants, coaches and more. 

When not running one of his workshops, Jason coaches entrepreneurs, local companies, and national brands on how to effectively use digital marketing platforms and social media and is currently combining his expertise and launching 100 Cups Mastermind - a group coaching program in January 2023. 

Join My 100 Cups Academy Class 

This program helps businesses improve prospecting and develop better, long term relationships so that they can grow their business in a truly authentic way.
Today, ‘sales people’ need to be viewed as authorities and collaborators instead of product pushers. This program is built on the prospecting techniques Jason used while building his consulting practice, and now others are using the same method to build their businesses!

Next Class - May 2023

"Jason Elkins is a master at building relationships with people and this is why he has become a true expert in the field of marketing. 100 Cups Academy takes the knowledge that Jason has picked up over the years and puts it into a palatable package that makes it succinct and easy to digest the simple yet profound lessons he serves. The course is well thought out and organized and was one of the purest examples of the Socratic teaching method I have seen in a long time. Jason, while being a true expert in the field is not someone who flaunts that expertise in an entitled matter. Rather, he steps to the podium, ready to be a true servant teacher, a coach in the truest sense of the word who wants to see those on his team succeed an even greater measure that he himself has. I can’t recommend more strongly 100 cups Academy. Every person regardless of their career field should take this course."
-Ben Lawson 
iServe Residential Lending

Learn More About 100 Cups Mastermind

100 Cups Mastermind is a group coaching program designed for leaders, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.
Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals across the country and learn from experts in the fields of digital marketing, relationship-based sales, and social media lead generation.

Launches April 6th!

Coaching and Consulting Help

When I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2010, I had one main focus. Help people succeed in their businesses. This has become one of my greatest joys.  
In my coaching practice, I want to meet you where you are in your business. Do you need a better understanding of how digital marketing tools are utilized today and how to use them specifically for your business? Do you need help understanding your value and pricing? Do you want better clients and to learn more efficient networking techniques? Let’s talk.

Speaking and Workshops

For over a decade I’ve been teaching workshops and giving presentations for business organizations and leaders.  I was part of a duo that taught the first ever Social Media class to graduating seniors at Belmont University.  I’ve spoken to dozens of chambers, colleges, non-profits, and businesses covering topics like social media marketing, digital communication, relationship selling, video for business, how to run ad campaigns, and sustainable networking and communications.